LIVE! – Soil + Fozzy

Last night, I was shooting a double headline gig at Brighton’s Concorde2 – Fozzy + Soil. I’d seen Fozzy before (also at Concorde2 actually, with Jettblack supporting) so was looking forward to their high energy show. Frontman Chris Jericho was great fun to photograph and was bounding about all over the stage! They put on an awesome show, and got the crowd raring to go for Soil who I was reeeally excited to shoot. I remember seeing Soil about 10 years ago at the Astoria in London. I was 17 and living in a flat in Islington, I happened to be walking down Charing Cross Rd and saw that Soil were playing, so I got a ticket from a tout and went in. Think I ended up crowdsurfing 4 or 5 times that gig and had a great time, but for some reason I never got round to seeing them again – til last night. Frontman Ryan McCombs was in the crowd for the whole of their last song ‘Halo’ and everyone was goin crazy 🙂

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