Parallax Exhibition at Mile End Art Pavilion, London

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working with local architect and artist Phillip Hall-Patch. Phil contacted me at the start of the year about photographing a project he wanted to put together for the Parallax Exhibition. His concept was to project complex mathematical grids onto the human body and show the distortion of the grids around the body. A couple of the final images which will be on show at the exhibition can be seen below, as well as a flyer for the exhibition, which runs until 8th June. Phil is selling some prints too – if you’re interested in finding out more about the project, check out his website here.

PORTRAIT: Marie Antoinette-inspired shoot

Last week I worked with make up artist Elloise India Willett and model Nicole Dutschke to put together this Marie Antionette-inspired shoot. Often, as the photographer, I’m involved with the planning and direction of shoots. In this instance however, Elloise did everything! She first approached me with the concept after we worked together on a commerical shoot. We set a date, and Elloise did the hair and make up, booked the model, and sourced the dress.


I was aiming, with this shoot, to get a delicate balance between the natural light in the room and the flash-thru-softbox I was using to place a little more emphasis on Nicole’s face. Elloise had sent over a few inspiration images, and the lighting in each was very soft, so I wanted to get something similar. I diffused the flash several times to get a soft look, and set my shutter speed and ISO in accordance with the natural light. We were shooting in Elloise’s living room, which was three or four storeys up and had plenty of windows letting in the early-afternoon sun, so the flash really only needed to be a little extra push. Portrait photography in London and Brighton, UK Portrait photography in London and Brighton, UK Portrait photography in London and Brighton, UK