PROMO: Kate Holdaway

A couple of weeks ago, I was photographing the lovely Kate Holdaway for her new website. I first met Kate a year or two ago, she’s a good friend of the singer in my husband’s band, so we’d run into each other plenty of times before meeting for this shoot. We discussed locations, and a friend of mine had been talking about Bohemia in Brighton, so after looking around it, Kate decided it was the right kinda place for her shoot.

Kate sorted out a few different outfits, and wanted to try a totally different look with a black wig too. For the first headshots against the brickwall, I used a stage fan (stolen from my husband’s van!) to get some movement in Kate’s hair. It’s kinda heavy so I don’t often take it to location shoots, but it was one of the key shots we originally wanted to do. The rest of the shoot was quite improvised, helped out by the fact the Bohemia staff were really easy-going, letting us move all their furniture around and setting off alarms..!

Anyway, here are the photos! Extra thanks to Elena who did hair and make up, and helped out with reflectors etc