LIVE: Blood Red Shoes

Last night I was at Concorde 2 in Brighton (27-4-12) photographing Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes! I really like this band, and apparently so does the rest of our town – the show was completely sold out 🙂

PORTRAIT: Pierre Filloux

Last Monday, I did a photoshoot with Pierre Filloux. We first met at the start of this year at a catwalk show and ended up chatting for ages. I love Pierre’s style, so we finally got round to planning a shoot! Despite being ill, Pierre travelled down from London and worked very hard so that we got these photos. I’ve got a few more unedited images from this shoot that I liked, so I might go back to those at some point 🙂

PROMO: Lovita

Last Wednesday, I was taking promotional photos for vocalist Lovita. Make up was done by Rosie Cerosio. Took these photos in Notting Hill, was bit of a mad day! One of the houses on the street was being renovated, so the tradesmen were quite interested in what we were doing. I don’t really mind people watching during a shoot, and in this instance it actually worked in our favour; one of the guys lent me a stepladder!