Sagres: Yoga and Surf Retreat

Sagres: Yoga and Surf Retreat

The south-western tip of Portugal, in Sagres, part of the Algarve, is all surf-perfect coastline and near-constant sunshine. It’s an ideal spot for PureFlowMotion’s week-long surf-yoga-hiking retreat.

Based at the Baleeira Memmo Hotel – a modern and spacious accommodation, overlooking the ocean – PureFlowMotion’s retreats are a blend of healthy relaxation, chilled surfing, engaging yoga and meeting new friends. With simple tasty vegetarian meals included, and minibuses transporting our small group between beaches and locations, everything is taken care of.

Meditation guru and yoga instructor Michael began the week with a meditation session on the edge of the cliffs. The twice-daily yoga classes progress from teacher-led demonstrations with an inspiring dose of philosophy thrown in, to guests learning to improvise their own flows. One session incorporated yoga for your eyes, and another session included laughter yoga, leaving the entire room in tears! Towards the end of the week, Michael led a beautiful Qi Gong session in a pine forest.

Surf instructor Martha led three surf sessions at various beaches over the week. Helping complete beginners ride their first wave or intermediate surfers improve their skills, Martha gives clear and helpful advice. (Meanwhile, Hugo rugby tackles people into waves and scares everyone with the clown tattoo on his belly!)

Hiking guide and geologist Nicolau takes the group on two incredible walks across the cliffs and beaches in the area. Explaining the indigenous flora and history of the coastline, Nicolau has such a wealth of knowledge – his varied work has included shepherding, bee-keeping and more.

The group – made up mostly of solo travellers, with a few couples also joining – was able to spend the entire week together, or split off at any point to explore the cafés and shops in the village or the beach.

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Big hugs and obrigadas to Michael, Martha and Nicolau. High fives to Hugo and Massimo. Thanks and good vibes to Paige, Meg, Rach, all the Yanns, Will, Imagin, Matt, Hollie, Sheila, Gabor, Seb and Patricia. Gratitude and reggae love to Stu.

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