LIVE: Tinie Tempah

On Monday night, I was photographing Tinie Tempah at the Brighton Centre. One of the things I love about shooting at bigger venues like the Brighton Centre is that every show varies so much. The staging, set design and lighting can be completely different from one show to the next. Tinie Tempah started the show twenty feet above the main stage on a huge structure – admittedly that’s not great for a photographer when already battling a 5-6ft difference when shooting someone on the main stage, but it looked awesome!

Here’s a few of my favourite photographs from the show! Shot on a D3s with 24-70 2.8.

LIVE: Lily Allen

I was at The Brighton Centre last Thursday to photograph Lily Allen on her first Brighton date in several years. Supporting Lily was trippy three-piece Fryars. The audience went crazy when Lily started her performance, and she did a mix of old favourites and new songs from her new album ‘Sheezus’. Check out some of my shots below.

PORTRAIT: Edyta Lydon

When I arrived at North London’s Stotker Tattoo one Wednesday afternoon in late summer, Edyta Lydon greeted me with a huge smile. As her husband – and primary tattooist at Stotker – Mirek, finished a design on one client, Edyta explained her role at the studio: piercings, tracing designs, prepping for Mirek’s tattooing and all the admin, of course. The husband and wife team are big motorbiking fans and had recently come back from a roadtrip to Spain, and were planning a roadtrip in Nepal in conjunction with a tattoo convention there. Funnily enough, Edyta rides a 800cc version of the first bike I ever owned, a Suzuki Intruder, so I had to get some shots of Edyta on her bike!

PROMO: Seany Clarke

A couple of weeks back, I was photographing singer-songwriter Seany Clarke. Seany was looking for some new promotional photographs for social media and CD artwork, and we had a great time working on these shots! Here are my favourites from the session.

PORTRAIT: Robin Romei

Check out this shoot from a couple weekends back when I met with singer-songwriter Robin Romei. Robin needed some new promo shots and had the idea of shooting in a launderette on the high street in Eastbourne. We had to work quickly – which was no suprise since we were using a public location – but Robin had a really strong idea of what he needed. The launderette was a great location, and worked well with Robin’s style.

PORTRAIT: Mary and a Merc

A couple of years ago, I met vintage car owner Steve Barratt. We were working together on a band promo shoot – the band had booked me to shoot their new promotional shots, and they hired Steve to bring along his classic Mercedes-Benz. We stayed in touch, and Steve asked if I would shoot his car with a model. Of course, I said yes, and we got planning. With our model – Brighton based DJ Mary – organised and a location confirmed, we just had the weather to keep our fingers crossed for! Typical of the British weather though, we had to shoot in between bursts of rain, although the dramatic clouds worked in our favour. Mary styled her own outfits and did her own make up and hair. Check out the photos!

PORTRAIT: Star at Tilgate Park

Last week, I drove to Tilgate Park in Crawley for a portrait session with model Star, who was fabulous to work with. Our plan was to build a “reading den” to shoot Star in, and we dragged suitcases of books and blankets into the woods.

But then we wandered on into the park, and there was a large lake. Star sat at the edge of the lake and I took a few closer up photos. A bit further along, I saw a shrub with similar colours to Star’s pink hair and red velvet dress. I took a bunch of frames of Star tucked into the shrub. And those unplanned shots were my favourites of the session. Funny how that happens sometimes..!

PORTRAIT: Jacqueline Damelle.

A couple of weekends ago, I was photographing fabulous model Jacqueline Damelle. We had a few ideas we wanted to try out and – along with the talents of make-up artist Chloe Butterfill – we set to work. Unfortunately the arrangements for hair styling fell through on the morning of the shoot, but few things ever go to plan, and Chloe did a great job working on Jacqui’s hair as well.

I usually shoot on location with a bagful of speedlights and pop-up softboxes, which is fun and can be very creative. But it has its challenges too. Dragging camera gear, light stands and modifiers around a busy city centre or 45-minutes into woodland or 30ft down a cliff face can be tough. Add to that our British weather is charmingly unreliable! And there’s been more than one occasion where I’ve dropped a speedlight onto concrete, lost filters in the sea, and had shoot-thru umbrellas spattered with alcohol. So it was incredibly *nice* to be in a studio environment, a quiet, still, warm place where our model had a changing room, our make up artist had running water to clean brushes, and I could spread out my gear without fear a rainstorm/tourist/seagull might suddenly wreck/walk into/defecate on my stuff!

As a collaborative/trade shoot, this session was a lot more easy-going than a regular shoot. Without any client, it was a fun opportunity to try different things. On the white background, I used a large octabox as the key light, and some strips to help brighten the background. On the black background, I went for side lighting for a more dramatic look. Check out the shots below!

LIVE! Blood Red Shoes at Concorde2, Brighton

To kick off last weekend, I was at Concorde2 in Brighton to shoot noise-pop duo Blood Red Shoes at their homecoming show. I was shooting the gig for the Brighton-based ‘XYZ Magazine’ and the venue was absolutely rammed. Oddly enough, I realised it was almost two years exactly since I last shot Blood Red Shoes at the same venue – you can check out the shots HERE!

From a photography perspective, this duo’s set uses a lot of backlighting, which can make a photographer’s job more challenging since there’s very little light landing on the front of vocalist/guitarist Laura-Mary and drummer/vocalist Steven. However, it looks great during the live performance, and you can get some interesting effects if you alter your shooting method and look for action and silhouettes.