PORTRAIT: Jacqueline Damelle.

A couple of weekends ago, I was photographing fabulous model Jacqueline Damelle. We had a few ideas we wanted to try out and – along with the talents of make-up artist Chloe Butterfill – we set to work. Unfortunately the arrangements for hair styling fell through on the morning of the shoot, but few things ever go to plan, and Chloe did a great job working on Jacqui’s hair as well.

I usually shoot on location with a bagful of speedlights and pop-up softboxes, which is fun and can be very creative. But it has its challenges too. Dragging camera gear, light stands and modifiers around a busy city centre or 45-minutes into woodland or 30ft down a cliff face can be tough. Add to that our British weather is charmingly unreliable! And there’s been more than one occasion where I’ve dropped a speedlight onto concrete, lost filters in the sea, and had shoot-thru umbrellas spattered with alcohol. So it was incredibly *nice* to be in a studio environment, a quiet, still, warm place where our model had a changing room, our make up artist had running water to clean brushes, and I could spread out my gear without fear a rainstorm/tourist/seagull might suddenly wreck/walk into/defecate on my stuff!

As a collaborative/trade shoot, this session was a lot more easy-going than a regular shoot. Without any client, it was a fun opportunity to try different things. On the white background, I used a large octabox as the key light, and some strips to help brighten the background. On the black background, I went for side lighting for a more dramatic look. Check out the shots below!

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