POTRAIT: The Modern Antiquarian

Sometime earlier this year, late one Friday night, I was getting the bus home and met Jeremy. We talked a lot about music and stayed in touch ever since, sharing song recommendations and upcoming gigs. Anyway, I always thought it’d be cool to photograph him, so when he mentioned about collecting books I decided that’d be the perfect setting to shoot him at. So, when he had a day off work, we headed over to A & Y Cumming in Lewes and spent a couple of hours taking photos.

Funnily enough, rooting amongst the hundreds of old books we came across ‘Vitalogy’, a medical book that would’ve otherwise held no interest to either of us. But we both recognised the cover of the book straight away as it had been used as a cover for Pearl Jam’s third studio album. Of course, we had to include that book in a few shots!

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