Graffiti Photoshoot

Yesterday, me and Jasmine did our graffiti photoshoot. We’d spent a couple of days working out locations and outfits, which eventually ended up being quite different to our original ideas. In the morning, I did Jasmine’s hair and we both worked towards her make up – neither of us have much experience with styling like this, so it was a bit nerve-wracking to start with!

I drove us over to the location and we got started. We got lots of odd looks from passers-by as we clambered on trolleys and piled up spray cans, some other photographers even tried taking some photos, and one guy offered to make us a website.. Overall, it was really positive, albeit exhausting and filthy! 🙂

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  1. FANTASTIC…my little niece is not so sweet lol…They are reall great shots…love the shopping trolley one at the end.

  2. Great project! Love the concept, and the results. And as always Jasmine is beautifully photogenic.
    Really like your recent ones of her in Ruby’s Imaginarium too. Congrats to you both you creative lovelies 🙂 xx

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